Monday, May 23, 2011

Chasing the wind.

It seems like with every good thing comes some sort of pain...not pain as in physical, of course, at least not all the time. However, the Bible talks about in Ecclesiastes that with knowledge and understanding comes pain. Also, if you imagine someone who completely lives for Jesus... wouldn't they probably be someone who was considered weird or "rejected". It is almost like with every good thing comes a responsibility. Knowledge creates a responsibility. Experience creates a responsibility or according to some a burden. So what do I strive for? Do I strive for good things when it seems all good things have some sort of pain? Do I marry when I know that life is but a breath and eventually I won't be married, so all of it seems futile? Do I seek understanding when it brings "pain"? What do I strive for? The only hope...the only desire left...the only comforting thing is striving for God...for God's will to be manifested on this Earth. So that people's perspectives might change. So maybe they can see the glory of God. So maybe they can see what matters. So maybe they will learn that everything we do on this planet should be in some form or fashion to honor God. There is no other point to anything...every facet of our life should be formed in such a way that we are set up to grow closer to our Father. That is the point of marriage. That is the point of friendship. The point of work. OF BREATHING. It is all to glorify God. Without that aspect or perspective, everything we strive for or attain is USELESS. Unless God is present in our life we are basically wasting away. We are living useless lives. We are chasing the wind. Why else would you want to live if not to know God?